GloriaTempest (gloriatempest) wrote,

Star Trek--Spoilers for the latest Movie

I orgiginally posted this as a comment in another community, but I thought it was worth sharing here too since I hardly blog. I've expanded a bit to make it more spoilery... You have been warned.


I don't know if I qualify as a Trekie since I've never been to a convention and you couldn't pay me to dress up like a character and show my face in public...BUT...I have seen the reruns of the original series in syndication and I've always loved the show. When I was a kid watching it, I always wished there was a real Star Fleet to join.

As for this movie, there were a few things that were changed from the original. SPECIFIC SPOILER [Vulcan exploding, Jim's father dying on the day he was born, Spock's mother dying] However, a nice spin on the changes is that the writers gave a plausible explanation for the changes and a subtle acknowledgement that canon was being changed.-SPECIFIC SPOILER [All the previous events were the direct result of something future Spock did, that resulted in a Romulan going into the past and causing those events to change.] One thing I have to give kudos to the writers about is the way they stuck to those changes. (no matter how I feel about them) There was no magic time travel fix.  A few things I wish hadn't changed were the destruction of Vulcan and the death of Spock's mother. Mainly because this changes the future of one of my favorite old school episode. (The one where Spock's parents travel aboard the Enterprise.) BUT those changes did not make me love this film any less. & With the changes in canon that were made, there is infinite possibility for more movies or even a new TV series.

SPECIFIC SPOILER One thing I did not expect was Uhura and Spock as lovers. I'm actually not opposed to the pairing, but I would have expected an affair with Kirk--as it was hinted at in the original series...It wasn't clear if the alternate universe was responsible for this relationship or if this was a relationship that had taken place & ended before old school canon picked up.

Also there were a few things that finally got an answer from the original series. How Dr. McCoy got his nickname for instance. I'll leave a few things unspoiled... I loved getting to see the way all of the characters initally met--even though, the alternate time line means we still aren't seeing the way the original characters could have met... All and all... I loved the remake... I loved the choices in casting. I was a little unsure about an OVERLY goodlooking Doctor McCoy, but the actor playing him nailed the Southern nuainces of the original.

Long before Zach Quinto was cast, someone threw his name out on a fanboard as a possible Spock. I knew instantly he was perfect for it. I was NOT disappointed. I can't wait to see this movie again...and I haven't made a statement like that in a LONG, LONG, LONG time.


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