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I remember, about two years ago, I posted every day; if not on lj, then on myspace or some other blog service. Now, I can hardly be $#@! to even get on myspace, so I have to ask myself, "What has changed?" If I'm honest, I have to admit a lot of it is me. Fifty percent of my problem is I'm too lazy to take the time and energy that is needed to do those things; and fifty percent of the problem is that I know I should be doing something else more productive to my future. I've spent months trying to pull my future together and tie up loose ends.

Here is a short list:
  • I finally took my GRE a few months ago and finished up my Graduate School Application. I still haven't had a response to it yet, and I'm trying to deal with the possibility that I may not be accepted. I'm working on plan B, to be revealed at a later date. (What to do when grad school falls through.)
  • I've sorted out a lot of my financial woes. ($@# economy) Although things aren't perfect, I'm seeing the light and I'm actually saving money. (My trip abroad is looking promising again, but not set in stone yet.)
  • I've made a lot of progress with finishing the novel I've been working on for ages. I'm so close to the end, I feel a little guilty typing here instead of there. I've had a few people make suggestions for how to proceed next. (some say get an agent, some say look for a publisher directly, & some say self publish.) I'm not a big fan of self-publishing so I'm rejecting that idea, for now at least.
  • I'm currently working for the US Census Bureau. It's a temporary job, but I like it. It's allowing me to sort out a few things and save $$ so even if I hated it, I would still like it. (It turns out the job is a bigger deal than I thought. I had to swear oath to protect the privacy and rights of US citizens.--If I violate Title 13 of the US Privacy Act, I could face a 250,000 fine and imprisonment...Needless to say, I'll not be sharing any work stories with you.
Anyway, all those little things combined has helped me get on track with my future, and that is mostly what I've had on my mind lately... AND AS AN ADDED TREAT FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE READ THIS FAR...Here is a little snippet of what I hope to be doing by the end of the summer, or possibly next spring....I doubt I'll do all of the touristy stuff in the places I've visited before, but there are some things I can't get enough of... The Louvre...I'll probably break from the crowds and get a map to spend my day in The Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities section. (Sigh...You may never hear from me again.)


Day 1

(Tue.) Board your overnight transatlantic flight.

Day 2Arrival in

(Wed.) Uniformed Globus Hosts are available to help you make the most of your stay.

Day 3London

(Thu.) Sightseeing with a Local Guide includes all the famous landmarks:


Overlooking The Houses of Parliament along the north bank of the Thames River


Houses of Parliament



Day 4London–Paris, France

(Fri.) Meet your Tour Director and traveling companions and transfer to the railway station to board the EUROSTAR TRAIN to Paris, the splendid capital of a beautiful country. (B)

Day 5Paris


The Arc de Triomphe standing in the center of the Place Charles de Gaulle

An optional excursion to the baroque Palace of Versailles is available. Tonight, a lively cabaret show might be just the ticket. (B)


Lucerne, Switzerland

Enjoy some time in the wonderful town of Lucerne

(Sun.) Enjoy a comfortable drive past Fontainebleau Forest and the vineyards of Burgundy. Turn east towards the Swiss Alps and arrive in picture-book Lucerne. (B,D)

Day 7Lucerne

(Mon.) During your walking tour, admire Thorwaldsen’s LION MONUMENT


The iconic Chapel Bridge in Lucerne is the oldest wooden bridge in Europe

to the Jesuit Church. Balance of the day is at leisure to explore the quaint narrow streets, to shop for Swiss watches, or to join an optional excursion to one of the famous Alps surrounding Lucerne. (B)


Day 8Lucerne–Liechtenstein

Enjoy some time exploring the beautiful Innsbruck


A church on an Austrian mountaintop

The Hohensalzburg Fortress is the largest fully preserved fortress in Europe

(Tue.) Leave Switzerland and stop for a short visit of Vaduz, capital of the Principality of Liechtenstein, before entering the Austrian Alps on your way to Tyrol. In Innsbruck, walk through the Old Town and take pictures of Emperor Maximilian’s GOLDEN ROOF before continuing to Sound of Music Salzburg. (B,D)

Day 9Salzburg

(Wed.) A pleasant stroll with a Local Guide features

Visit the world famous Mirabell Gardens

, the Great Festival Hall, ST. PETER’S CHURCHYARD, and the monumental Domplatz. Take pictures of Mozart’s birthplace in the charming

before you leave this charming town. Next, a spectacular drive through the Alps to Italy and to Venice, the “Pearl of the Adriatic.” Enter in style by PRIVATE BOAT. (B)


Day 10Venice

Visit stunning Florence and the Ponte Vecchio

(Thu.) Visit ST. MARK’S SQUARE and admire its byzantine basilica, the Clock Tower, Doges’ Palace and the


Day 11Florence

Saint Peter's Square in Rome

(Fri.) During your walking tour with a Local Guide, visit the ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS with Michelangelo’s celebrated David, the magnificent CATHEDRAL, Giotto’s Bell Tower, the Baptistry’s heavy bronze “Gate of Paradise,” and sculpture-studded

Time to shop for Florentine leather goods and gold jewelry. Then, a smooth drive to the Eternal City. (B)


Day 12Rome

(Sat.) Sightseeing with a Local Guide starts with a visit to

the Vatican Museum." and

The Sistine Chapel is world famous for Michelangelo’s ceiling paintings

Continue to monumental ST. PETER’S SQUARE and BASILICA.

Day 13

(Sun.) Your homebound flight arrives the same day. (B)


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