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Defining A Few Goals

** As I mentioned yesterday, I plan on spending the next few days putting together a list of goals and resolutions for New Years, but now I wonder if I should put together a list of things I want to happen or things I need to happen. Should I compile a list based on self improvement or society improvement?

In general, I think resolutions are supposed to be about improving yourself so I think I can get away with choosing egocentric resolutions. I guess this puts me back to my original question...want vs. need. Maybe I should choose a little of both.

**Now I need to know how many resolutions I should make. I hope I'm not limited to one. A part of me thinks I shouldn't be wasting so much time on making a decision; but then another part of me knows that if plan to make real changes, I should be spending this much time on thinking things through.

I hope those of you planning to make resolutions are doing the same.


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